Timber Accelerator Hub - Phase 1 Report

During an ASBP webinar, Timber Accelerator Hub project lead Joe Giddings presented and discussed the phase 1 report of the project with 150 attendees. Both the report and the webinar recording are available now.

As the UK built environment sector seeks to transition towards greater use of timber and other bio-based materials to reduce the embodied carbon emissions of new buildings, major challenges are being experienced. These are leading developers, clients and their design and construction teams to turn back to more carbon intensive construction methods before the project starts on site.

Mass timber is an incredibly useful tool in the fight to mitigate climate change, but it is a tool which is currently unattainable for many. The Timber Aaccelerator Hub (TAH)  set out to change this by:

  • investigating in detail the major challenges preventing the wider adoption of mass timber across the UK; insurance, fire performance & the regulatory environment.
  • establishing the TAH as a network hub for key stakeholders to develop industry collaboration with the aim of overcoming these specific challenges.
  • identifying, initiate or support further work required to overcome these challenges.

The new report published today by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) on phase 1 of the project now sheds light on the major challenges faced by developers in their attempts to reduce carbon emissions in new building projects. It recommends a series of potential solutions that could unlock significant carbon savings through an increase in the use of mass timber.

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